Ka Pod
4 In 1

Say goodbye to messy spillage
and troublesome manual
measurement of traditional
laundry products!

Ka Pods combine 4 different washing regimes into 1:

 Ka pod original   (Original)                      
Ka-Icons-5_anti dust copy  (Anti-dust mite)

Ka-Icons-2_Ultra conc copy Powerful detergent
Ka-Icons-2_Deep clean copy Softener
Ka-Icons-2_long lasting copy Fragrance

We are excited to bring you the most innovative laundry product in Australia. Ka Pods are engineered to meet consumer needs, combining the power of our ultra-concentrated detergent with the added benefit of extra cleaning power or anti-dust mite agent.



Save with Ka Pods

  • No need to add additional washing products to your load.
  • No need to overcrowd your laundry storage.
  • No more boring powders.
  • Convenient and easy.


  • Compatible for both top and front loader washing machines.
  • Flexible for all colours and whites.
  • Consistent results with hot or cold water.
  • Easy to open with a lockable lid (just twist and snap).
family ka

Compare your laundry detergent with Ka Pods

Regular capsules

$0.77 per wash*
Regular washing detergent.
Colour protectant.
Fabric softener.
Anti-dust mite agent.

* Cost based on an average cost per wash at RRP.

KAPOD copy_Anitbacterial_Desktop_NEW copy-1

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