Ka Pod 4 In 1
Anti-Dust Mites

Ka Pod 4 In 1 Laundry Capsules


Ka Pod 4 in 1: Anti-Dust Mites
Laundry Capsules

Delivers a superior clean with added protection of anti-dust mites agents that removes dust mites.

Dust mites are a known cause of allergic reactions and impact people differently. They belong to the spider family, and are microscopic creatures that are everywhere.

icon-adm-new Anti-Dust Mites Delivers a superior clean with added protection of anti-dust mites agents that removes dust mites.
icon-01 Ultra Concentrated Highly efficacious, ultra-concentrated formula with stain fighting active ingredients that remove the toughest of stains, all in one capsule.
icon-03 Deep Cleaning Combining fabric softener, colour protectant and detergent, Ka Pods will leave your clothes free from dirt.
icon-04 Fragrance Added scent boosting fragrance, leaving your clothes fresher for longer.
Find in your local Woolworths laundry aisle

Available in two sizes

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Why use Ka Pods 4 In 1: Anti-Dust Mites?

Ka Pod Laundry Capsule is all you need for softer, cleaner, and fresher-smelling laundry with added anti-dust mite agents.
Our water-soluble capsule dissolves easily for a convenient laundry experience. 
(Available at Woolworths)

Regular capsules

$0.77 per wash*
Regular washing detergent.
Colour protectant.
Fabric softener.
Anti-dust mite agent.

* Cost based on an average cost per wash at RRP.


How to use Ka Pods

Doing laundry with Ka Pods is as easy as 1-2-3



Put 1 Ka Pod directly into the washing machine drum (do not put into detergent drawer to prevent clogging)



Add in laundry while keeping the load weight in mind.
1 Ka Pod is recommended for small laundry load. Use 2 Ka Pods for medium/large laundry load.



Start your chosen washing cycle. Suitable for both top and front load washing machines and indoor drying.

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